Welcome to First Grade

Dear Families:

Welcome to Sequoia Class.  I am very excited to work together with you and your children as we begin this special journey into First Grade.  One of my biggest goals is to develop a class that mirrors the best qualities of a family, to love and support each others’ development while nurturing all members of our group as we work together as a team.

As we begin this journey I want to let you know the three best ways to reach me.  1).  Outside of my classroom I will have a bulletin board on the wall near my door.  The bulletin board will have a section for notes from parents.  If you have special thoughts or concerns about your child for the day or unique circumstances that you would like to make me aware of please leave a note for me on this board.  Once the class has settled into their morning routine I will read your notes.  This board allows me to give your notes the full attention they deserve and will also allow me to be fully present with the children when they arrive.  2).  During the day you are welcome to leave me a voice mail at school.  The school number is (801) 871-3950.  During the school week I will check my voicemail before school begins and when the school day is over.  On the weekend I will not be checking my voicemail so I can be present with my family.  3).  During the school week you are also welcome to email me at liza.hale@wasatchwaldorf.org.  I will check my email by the end of the school day and will do my best to respond to you within 24 hours. If you have special concerns you would like to discuss please arrange a time to meet in person.

I look forward to the many adventures we will have in and out of the classroom, to supporting you and the children as they grow, and to being available for you throughout the year.

With gratitude,

Ms. Liza